Balsamo idratante

This specific product has been created thanks to the experience gained in the field by “Barbieri Italiani”. The antioxidant properties of the jojoba oil emulsion, along with the regenerating action of the aloe vera, make your beard softer, thicker and voluminous. Especially recommended for those who have long beards because of its antistatic and anti-frizz action and also for the first week of growth, as it reduces the risk of rashes and redness.

Way to apply

After using the shampoo, apply on wet beard. It can also be used in small quantities on dry beard to revitalize it. Brushing the beard is recommended in order to get a perfect shape and to spread the product properly.

FRAGRANCE: fougère

SIZE: 100 ml

MAIN INGREDIENTS: Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera