Barbieri Italiani’s products are born from the experience and passion of his creator.

Infact from the beginning of his Barber activity, he has felt the need to use treatments which could give him the results he needed; it has been so thanks to the contribution of professional équipe of the cosmetologic sector that have devised products with definite characteristics.

Barbieri Italiani’s products were designed one by one from his creator to provide in a professional way to all requirements which were every day subjected to him from the wide customer of the Salon, and that he has improved during the time, using them during his work.
The excellent results he have had, working with this tools, have encouraged him to produce a size which every customer could use every day at home.

It’s the way the idea of Barbieri Italiani born: from the seriousness of a real Barber and from his love for an ancient work.

It’s about a variety of products which exploit naturals active substances of an well-established efficiency, able to give professional results to every gentleman who really want to take care of his beard.
Today it’s finally became possible for all to obtain a treatment which combines expertly the warm of the “Barber Shop” and the experience of a real tradesman Barber with the high quality of his tools of work.


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